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A different approach

The Highbridge Approach

Simply stated, we created our executive search program because we want to enable your success. We are inspired by what you do and support your organization by delivering comprehensive people solutions that extend beyond sourcing the right talent.


How the Highbridge approach is different

We engage with you as an extension of your Human Resource team linking our capabilities and success measures directly to those of the business.



We engage with you as an extension of your HR function. We become a student of your business. We want to understand why this role is critical and how they will be successful moving your business forward.


We partner with you to build upon and elevate existing talent acquisition processes. Our support extends beyond identifying candidates. We add value by supporting the entire employee lifecycle, including pre- recruitment & post hire activities.


Leveraging our multi-channel model we connect the business with talented leadership that live your culture and will make an impact today and tomorrow.

The Multi-channel Advantage




Our partnership with multiple agencies gives us the ability to leverage search firms geographic & industry strengths to provide greater breadth of coverage over a single firm.



Having access to multiple channels allows us to conduct a more comprehensive search which yields a deeper pool of candidates.




If a specific agency or channel isn’t yeilding candidates, we can pivot quickly & work with agencies that have the capacity & current rosters to fulfill clients needs.



We understand GDP client demands will shift and one solution may not meet the needs of every client. The multi-channel provides the greatest ability to adapt to program requirements.



In addition to agency channels, we maintain an executive roster. These candidates continue to be cultivated from our work with the BDC.


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